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Jason Kidd wants more assists from Deron Williams and Brook Lopez


Jason Kidd was at the Nets Store near the beach at Coney Island and wasn't reluctant  to tell reporters that he has specific goals for two of his veteran players, starting with more assists from Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. In the case of D-Will, it's about returning to the form he displayed in Utah. For Lopez, it's something he's long needed to improve.

"I’m going to push him. I want the best for him," Kidd told Stefan Bondy after signing autographs. "When we sit down and talk about goals, team goals and also individual goals, I’m going to push him and I want to get him back to double-digit assists."

Kidd was careful to say he doesn't want to put a statistical goal above performance. Williams did average 10 or more assists per game his last four years in Utah and his 20 assists vs. the Warriors in 2012 was the season high --- and two more than Kidd's best game as a Net.

"You don’t want to take away from Deron’s freedom and creativity of putting pressure on the defense," Kidd said. "And I thought he did a great job of that in the second half of last season. When he lost the weight, physically he felt better. His strength is when he’s in the open court. So we’ll definitely talk about that on the daily, about him making things happen without having to set the ball up."

As for Lopez, Kidd talked not about a statistical goal, but improvement.  "He’s a smart kid, he’s worked extremely hard to become one of the best centers in the game. So passing is something that will come as he gets to see more double teams."

Kidd also confirmed that the Nets had internal discussions about bringing Jason Collins in before they reached the 15-man limit with Alan Anderson. Collins who came out to Sports Illustrated early in the summer has yet to find a home for next season.