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Mikhail Prokhorov tops Huffington Post list of tech-adverse successes ... but is he?

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Mike Stobe

Mikhail Prokhorov is famously tech-adverse. He once told beat writers, "I have heard of this iPad. I hope we never meet." But the Nets are among the leaders in use of the Apple technology. Billy King employed both the iPad and iPhone to sign players in the 2012 off-season when timing was crucial to working within the CBA. (Remember those days!?) And every Nets player gets an iPad when he joins the club, with plays and customized training regimens.

Huffington Post doesn't cite any of that, but uses a number of his other quotes in putting him at the top of the list of "12 super successful people who shun technology."

HuffPo's David Winograd writes...

"1. Mikhail Prokhorov. The Brooklyn Nets owner does not own a cell phone and prefers written letters over email, according to the New York Post. The Russian billionaire also avoids using computers when possible because they provide "too much information and it's really impossible to filter it," he told 60 Minutes in an interview."

Well, not quite. Prokhorov has been photographed more than once on a cell phone, but there's no evidence he uses email, although he does blog, tweet, and has both a Facebook page ... and an iPad app. That's what you do when you run for president of any country. You get connected.