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Doug Overton happy to be with Springfield Armor job

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Brooklyn Nets

Doug Overton has spent the last five years working with younger players on the Nets roster, a development specialist if you will.  Now, he's headed to Springfield to run the Nets' D-League team, the ultimate development job. Although he's going to be working mostly with the Armor, he'll be working with the Nets before and after the D-League season and giving the Nets regular updates on what's going on in Springfield.

"Now to be able to have my own program and to be able to coach my own team and to continue to grow and learn, it really has been a blessing and I’m really happy and thankful," Overton told KYW Radio in Philadelphia where he played high school and college ball.

Overton has been heavily involved in a number of Nets community affairs, including running a basketball camp in Cyprus for Peace Players International, which the Nets and Mikhail Prokhorov support. He expects that to continue

"It’s very exciting," Overton tells KYW. "Really looking forward to it and just excited about the opportunity to still be affiliated with the Nets, and the Springfield Armor."