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Brook Lopez: "I know practice is going to be very intense"

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In between his gallivanting around the world, Brook Lopez took some time to answer questions from the Nets' Tom Kolker. Kolker asked about his travels and meeting with President Clinton --and how he's headed to Japan and Singapore after South Korea-- but Kolker also asked about the upcoming season, particularly the competition among the Nets big men.

"I know practice is going to be very intense," said Lopez. "We’ve got a bunch of bigs who were all starters, very good starters and have played against each other. It’s going to be good going out and playing against other front lines."

Lopez also struck the same tone his new teammates, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, have ... sacrifice.

"It’s about playing a team style, really sharing the ball and doing whatever’s best to win," said Lopez, adding, "I think we all have the same expectations: We’re excited to get on the floor, learn on the fly together and work together to achieve our only goal, and that’s to win."

About his experience in Africa with President Clinton, Lopez said it humbled him and made him want to contribute in the future.

"t was life changing. We went to Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Rwanda. Seeing the things I saw there, the anchor farms, the HIV clinics, it made me feel blessed and fortunate. it put my situation in perspective."