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Globe-trotting Brook Lopez in South Korea ... Of course, he is

NBA Asia

Keeping track of Brook Lopez is somewhere between "Where's Waldo?" and "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?"

The globe-trotting center has spent time in Norway. Denmark, Scotland and Ireland in Europe; Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia in Africa and New Zealand, which as any geographer can tell you is part of the continent of Australia. Now, he's in Asia. He also has spent some time in North America and now is part of the NBA's 3x3 competition in South Korea.

Lopez donned an extra large "hanbok," the traditional Korea dress as he posed for photographers and camera crews in Korea, going one-on-one with the Pacers' mascot "Boomer" and teaching Korean actress Clara ( Lee Seong-Min) how to shoot. Clara donned a Nets cap for the lesson. How long will he stay? Three days, we're told. Where does he head next? Singapore and Japan. Why? Presumably because he can.