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Bojan and Mirza return to action Friday

Crobasket/B. Petrinovic

Mirza Teletovic and his Bosnian squad are in Neu-Ulm, Germany Friday to play the German national team in a short "friendly" tournament while Bojan Bogdanovic is in Istanbul where Croatia takes on Serbia in another "friendly."  The two are averaging about 15 per game, leading their teams in scoring.

Both did interviews in the last few days with local media, with Bogdanovic talking about about his decision to stay in Europe and Teletovic being asked about all his female fans.

Vecernji list, a leading Croatia news site, noted that Nets scouts are expected at every one of his Eurobasket games and asked if he feared the competition he would face on the Nets, from Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson.  Bogdanovic said that didn't enter into his calculation.

"I was not afraid of competition," he said. "I believe that I fight for everything. But what was appealing to me was the challenge from this side, playing on a team for a very successful European club coach," a reference to Zeljko Obradovic, the new coach of Fenerbahce, his Euroleague team. Bogdanovic added that even with "compensation issues" --his buyout-- he might have joined the Nets if Fener had not hired Obradovic.

Teletovic was not asked about the Nets, but instead how Bosnia women are attracted to him.  He was asked Eksklusiza, "Women say that you are one of our most handsome athletes and your denial gives you a special charm. Is that important to you?"

He responded with a laugh, "I rarely get a chance to answer such questions (laughs). Not really thinking about it. For me there is only one woman in the world - my wife, whom I love dearly." Asked if he has noticed more women in the stands when he plays, the 28-year-old father of two answered, "I really do not see the stands when I play, but if so, then I'm glad for that."

Meanwhile, new Nets assistant Joe Prunty will lead the British national team against Sweden in a "friendly" tournament in Poland. Prunty was named head coach of Great Britain earlier this year.