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Spike Lee gets in the act, saying Paul Pierce "talking crazy"

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Julian Finney

Like Walt Frazier said, it's the fans that create rivalries, but players can help and that's what's happening around New York, despite some "tut-tuts" from writers who think it's all so silly.

The latest salvo was fired Wednesday by Spike Lee, who when interviewed on ESPN Radio, was asked about Paul Pierce's comment that it's time for the Nets to start "running the city."

"The Knicks have been very quiet assembling their team, which I love," said the Brooklyn-born film director. "I love the fact that people are picking the Knicks fifth or lower in the East. It's great; let people think that. Paul Pierce is talking crazy."

Lee said he doesn't like Pierce or Kevin Garnett and with KG, it's personal.

During a spring game in 2011 at Madison Square Garden, Jared Zwerling writes, Garnett, then on the Celtics, had some strong words for Lee that he'll always remember. In fact, Lee said they were worse than what longtime nemesis Reggie Miller once said. As a result, he said they don't talk. Still, Lee was pictured with Garnett's wife, Brandi at the US Open after that.