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All-Star Game at Garden in 2015; At Barclays in 2017?

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Fred Kerber writes that the Nets and Knicks will indeed split All-Star weekend in 2015, with the All-Star Game going to Madison Square Garden and the preliminary events like the Slam Dunk Contest and Celebrity Game being played at Barclays Center.

While that may not be a surprise, the other aspect of Kerber's report is: the Nets, Knicks and NBA are working on an agreement that would bring the All-Star Game back to New York in 2017 or 2018, with the roles reversed: the All-Star Game would be played at Barclays, the prelims at MSG.

Kerber writes the return date is not a given, although the league would like it.

"It’s a possibility," one league source confirmed of the 2017 or ’18 event plan but cautioned that "nothing has been finalized. They (Nets) aren’t certain (they want it)."

There are so many other factors to consider another source stressed, noting that by 2017-18 both the Garden and Barclays Center would be the home for hockey teams as well.

Kerber quoted a recent comment by Adam Silver on the two teams' cooperation: "On a business level, the teams get along very well…the nature of the sport is that the teams are highly competitive and you want them to be but they both recognize that they’re partners in the league and this is something that is positive for both teams."