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Deron Williams posts a video of the Nets working out in LA

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News broke earlier this week that 10 of the 15 Nets on the roster were getting together in Los Angeles for voluntary workouts.

Deron Williams, the leader of the workout, posted an Instagram video of parts of the workout.

In the video, one can see: Kevin Garnett taking his go-to mid-range jumper, Shaun Livingston taking spot-up jumpers, Mason Plumlee sitting on the sidelines with DWill's voice joking around with him, Tyshawn Taylor, Livingston and Joe Johnson getting up corner jumpers and Jason Terry taking three pointers from the wing.

It isn't much to see, but the fact that majority of the team is together building chemistry and working to succeed is nothing but great signs.

There were no players that aren't already on the roster or players from other teams working out with the team.

On Thursday, Plumlee posted his own instagram video, of the team riding Segways along Santa Monica beach in LA.