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On opposite ends of the continent, talk of expectations

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Deron Williams and Jason Terry were at the Belair Country Club in L.A. early today, part of the bonding experience they and eight of their teammates are working on in Southern California. It was the first tweet from the players-only week-long training and bonding session, and offered nothing of substance other than Terry's golf fashion sense.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the continent ... at Liberty National in Jersey City, their coach was golfing as well. Although he had nothing to do with setting it up --he can't under league rules-- he told Andy Vasquez he's thrilled that Williams, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett took the initiative to setting up the voluntary workouts.

"I think that’s huge," Jason Kidd said,  "to get the guys together on his own and get guys starting to gel and starting to get that relationship started now. Seeing the guys are all in great shape, that also helps."

it's going to be particularly helpful for the two young players out there, Kidd told Tim Bontemps. "For the young guys, Mason [Plumlee] and [Tyshawn Taylor], to be out there, [Garnett] and Paul and Joe, it just shows that these guys are going in the right direction, and being very professional."

Kidd did say his players told him they were planning the workouts.

"It was something that was talked about," Kidd said. "They’ve done it before, so it was [something] he wanted to do with all the trades and stuff, to start getting ready for the season."

Meanwhile, Kidd also said there's been a groundswell of support everywhere he's gone this summer.

"They’re all excited," Kidd told The Record. "The people, they go nuts. There’s a lot of excitement about Brooklyn, and there should be. Our owner put a good team together. There probably are some high expectations but there’s a process that we have to go through."