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Nets fill out bench with three new coaching hires and advance scout

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Charlie Crowhurst

The other day in Koper, Slovenia, Mirza Teletovic told Bosnian media that the Nets will have nine coaches this season.  We thought it was a typo or something lost in translation.

It was neither.

The Nets on Monday filled out their coaching roster by adding John Welch, George Karl's former assistant who worked with the Nets summer league team; Joe Prunty, who last worked for the Cavaliers --and is coaching Great Britain at FIBA Eurobasket this summer; and Charles Klask, who was provided stats and analysis for Lawrence Frank last season in Detroit. In addition, the Nets named Jim Sann, who was a Nets assistant when Jason Kidd played, as advance scout.

So, Kidd will be assisted by Frank, Roy Rogers, Eric Hughes, the three new hires and Dr. Jeremy Bettle, the strength and conditioning coach.  Doug Overton, who has been an assistant coach with the Nets, is headed to Springfield to be head coach of the Armor.  In the past, the Armor head coach has also held assistant coach rank with the Nets.