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New sculpture to be focus of Barclays Center plaza

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Alex Trautwig

Sculptor Ursala von Rydingsvard will oversee installation of her 20-foot bronze sculpture this week on the entrance plaza in front of the main entrance of Barclays Center. Word of the installation is included in the latest Atlantic Yards construction report.  The sculpture will be unveiled in September.

The sculpture, called "Ona" --"She" or "her" in Ms. von Rydingsvard's native Polish-- is likely to become the new meeting place on the broad plaza, officially known as the Daily News Plaza. No renderings of the sculpture have been released. It was first constructed in cedar, then cast in bronze at a foundry in upstate New York

The piece will be installed approximately 50 feet in front of the Geico Box office doors, on the Flatbush side of the plaza.  The installation will be done during overnight hours over several days. and will require the closure of one lane of traffic on Flatbush Avenue, according to the report.

It was commissioned by David Berliner, an executive of Forest City Ratner.  Back in April, the Wall Street Journal featured news of the commission in a profile of Ms. von Rydingsvard. Ms. von Rydingsvard's sculptures can easily cost in the six figures.

"It will be a meeting place," Berliner said. "I'll meet you by the sculpture."