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CBS Sports: Nets get 'A' for off-season

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The reports on who did well --and who didn't-- this off-season continue to sputter in. Tuesday, it was Matt Moore of CBS Sports offering his take, and despite some sniping about the Nets love of marketing --and gratuitous slaps at mysterious Russians, he gives Brooklyn an A, noting not just the Celtic trade but the Andrei Kirilenko signing and bulking up the bench.

He does love Prokhorov's panache..

"Mikhail Prokhorov walked up to the CBA's restrictive, ultra-punitive luxury tax structure and took a whiz on it, starting by capitalizing on the Celtics' transition after Doc Rivers' departure to nab both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett."

As for AK-47, he begs for mercy...

"[Kirilenko] fits with the roster perfectly. It's an ideal signing for them in every way. It's amazing they were able to get him at a discount and by that I mean not at all please don't hurt me."

Bottom line...

"Are they a contender? Sure! A sub-contender at least. They seem a good lock to win at least 50 games, pretty good lock to win 55, and they might at least see the meaty underbelly of 60.

"Sure, their draft future is compromised, they're massively overpaying their players relative to production, they're reliant on a whole lot of guys past 30 and Garnett may kill Brook Lopez, but still.

"All in all, super fun summer. Plus I bet they sell a lot of t-shirts."