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Brook Lopez in East Africa with President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

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Brook Lopez is in Africa this week with former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea, visiting Clinton Foundation projects in the East African nation of Malawi. In a photo released by the foundation, Lopez appears to be wearing a walking boot.

The foundation reported...

On August 1, 2013, Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets visits with children at the Anchor Farm in Santhe, Malawi. In Malawi, the Clinton Foundation runs the Anchor Farm Project, which operates five commercial farms that partner with 21,000 neighboring smallholder farmers, providing them with access to quality inputs for maize and soy production as well as training and market access.Brook is part of a delegation that is traveling with President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton to see how Clinton Foundation projects are increasing access to health care and providing economic opportunity to families and communities in Africa.

On Saturday, the Clintons and Lopez visited a local clinic in Zambia and topped off the day with a sunset visit to Victoria Falls.

Lopez and Chelsea Clinton both attended Stanford. Lopez and his brother have been overseas for several weeks. A couple of weeks ago, they were photographed at the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark. In that photo, Lopez was shown seated, a pair of crutches nearby. He is scheduled to begin basketball-related activities later this month.

Brook Lopez Plays with Children at the Clinton Foundation Anchor Farm Project in Malawi

Photo: Barbara Kinney, Clinton Foundation