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Andrei Kirilenko, in Brooklyn, meets with Russian college players

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Andrei Kirilenko quietly slipped into Brooklyn Sunday to spend time with a Russia's U-20 team, the first of no doubt many interactions the Nets star will have with his countrymen.

Kirilenko met with the team, whose trip is sponsored by Mikhail Prokhorov, at Barclays Center and took questions about the Nets and NBA training regimens. Kirilenko arrived in New York last week with his family and is settling in to the city. Kirilenko posted a picture of the meeting on his Instagram page.

In the past, Prokhorov brought had former NBA stars like Scottie Pippen and Robert Horry to Russia for events.  Also on Sunday, the group played a game vs. some American college players at Basketball City in Lower Manhattan, which the Nets have increasingly used for events. Dmitry Materansky, an aide to Nets Director Sergei Kushchenko, arranged the tour.

The group heads to Springfield, MA, Monday for a tour of the Basketball Hall of Fame.