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Teletovic expects to get an opportunity to play at start of the season

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In comments after he scored a double-double (15 points and 10 rebounds) vs Russia Saturday in a Eurobasket "friendly," Mirza Teletovic said he hopes Jason Kidd will give him an opportunity to prove himself early in the season.

As translated by a NetsDaily poster from Bosnia, the 6'9" forward said all the right things about the 2013-14 roster, including his place on it, but said as well that last season, the coaching staff didn't fulfill promises made to him.

He told a Bosnian journalist that Mikhail Prokrhorov and Billy King have done everything they could in the off-season to win an NBA championship and that the Nets practically have "a roster for two great NBA teams."

In a response to a question about his future with the Nets, he told the reporter that he expects to get chance at the start of season and that he will  talk with Kidd and his staff about what his role will be.

Talking about Avery Johnson, Teletovic before last season he talked with Johnson and that the the Nets coach made promises that he did not fulfill but hopes that those promises will be fulfilled this season.

Bosnia played well against Russia, but couldn't get closer than 11 in a game played in Slovenia. Alexey Shved of Minnesota scored 14. Bosnia plays again next Friday against Germany in the German city of Ulm. They played four games in five days this week.