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Raymond Felton praises Kidd hiring, responds to Pierce's "talking junk:"

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Rob Carr

Raymond Felton thinks the Nets made the right choice hiring his former backcourtmate as their head coach but thinks the will never challenge the Knicks for city primacy because "we still got 'New York' on our chest. We’re still New York’s team, regardless of what Brooklyn do."

As for Paul Pierce's comments, he's heard them all, calling them "junk,"

"Yeah, especially with Paul Pierce talking all this junk, each and every week. Saying something on some show, some radio show or whatever. It’s just boosting the rivalry, without a doubt. Like I say to people all the time, I don’t care what Brooklyn do, I don’t care if they have a better record than we do this year, we still got "New York" on our chest. We’re still New York’s team, regardless of what Brooklyn do. It just is what it is.

Felton admitted of the Nets, "they’re going to be good, we know that. But they’re also going to be an older team as well. They’re not going to have the youth that they had last year. But I look forward to it. I love rivalries, I’ve been playing in them a long time."

On Kidd, Felton said Deron Williams will be the biggest beneficiary of the Nets new coach.

"I think JKidd is going to let DWill handle the team, run the team. As a point guard, when a coach tells you that, and you don’t have to worry about nothing over your shoulder, you can just play, the sky’s the limit."