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Bootless Brook Lopez on track for training camp

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez tells Tim Bontemps that while he still has some restrictions he is on track for training camp which begins on October 1.

"I feel great," Lopez told Bontemps. "I have been getting in some weight lifting, getting shots up and everything is going well.

"I’m not fully working out. I’m not jumping or running or anything like that, but we have a good month-and-a-half just until training camp starts, so we’ll definitely be all right by then."

Lopez had a screw in his right foot replace in May was moving on crutches and then a walking boot until last week. The Nets had said in June that they expected him to resume basketball-related activities in August, so he is on target with his recovery.

Lopez also recounted his favorite moment traveling with President Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea.

"When we were in Zambia, we were outfitting kids with hearing aids, or just people in general with hearing aids," he said. "And just seeing when the hearing aids finally worked for them, and their eyes lit up when they could hear for the first time, it was really incredible to see."