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Mirza Teletovic scores 15 in Bosnia's first "friendly" vs. Toko-less Georgia

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Bosnian Basketball Federation

Mirza Teletovic and his coach, Aco Petrovic, says they have settled their differences and are ready for the round of pre-tournament exhibition games --"friendlies"-- that will take them to the FIBA Eurobasket in September.

Teletovic, who Petrovic accused of being out of shape and selfish, says he was having a hard time training alone and is willing to go along with his coach's plan.  Petrovic simply said the dispute is in the past and he is happy with all his players' conditioning.

Teletovic scored 15 points in Bosnia's first friendly, a 68-63 win over Georgia who was playing without its top two players, Tornike Shengelia and Zaza Pachulia.  With Bosnia up by one with 40 seconds left --and 20 seconds on the clock, Teletovic fired up a 30-footer to give Bosnia its final advantage. Bosnia will play four games in five days this week, testing Teletovic's conditioning.  They play again Wednesday vs. Georgia.  The games are taking place in Slovenia, home of this year's Eurobasket.