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The Truth and KG defeated Bernie the Maestro and Hello Lover... in a photo finish!

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Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett won in a photo finish at Saratoga on Monday? Yes, yes they did. Well, not them, but... let me explain.

Pierce and Garnett, who are both widely known by their nicknames, The Truth and KG, respectively, were "winners" on Monday when a horse named The Truth and KG defeated Bernie the Maestro and race favorite Hello Lover in a photo finish. It should be noted that the horse wore No. 5, which, as Net Income pointed out, may or may not be retired.

Jeff Pini of has the tale of the frantic finish:

"With 7-2 odds in Race 7 on Monday, The Truth and KG started off the race in second place, not far back from Bernie the Maestro (5-2) who got out to an early lead. Race-favorite Hello Lover, at 6-5 odds, fell back at the beginning but was able to make up ground heading into the final stretch.

Bernie the Maestro and The Truth and KG were neck and neck heading down the straightaway, with Hello Lover closing fast from the outside. It looked like Bernie the Maestro was going to take the race halfway into the final quarter mile, but The Truth and KG surged back to catch Bernie the Maestro."

The finish was "too close to call," as Pini points out, which led to a review before The Truth and KG were declared winners.

Yes, Brooklyn keeps on taking it!