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Next for Globe-trotting Brook Lopez: New Zealand and Singapore

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Clinton Foundation/Barbara Kinney

Ladies and gentlemen, the Brooklyn Globetrotter!

It appears that Brook Lopez wants to hit every continent this summer.  Lopez, who's already hit North America, Europe and Africa, will head to Asia and Australia later this month.  That would leave only South America and Antarctica and for all we know, not having his itinerary, he could be making plans for those as well.

Lopez will be in New Zealand at the end of the month, appearing publicly in Wellington on August 24, part of an adidas event. He will be there with Steven Adams, the 7-foot Pitt center selected by the Thunder in June's draft. The two have been working out lately. New Zealand is technically part of the continent of Australia.

Lopez will then move on to Singapore where he will  headline an NBA 3X3 event at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza from Aug 31 to Sept 1. The  Brooklyn Nets dance team, the Brooklynettes, and the Suns Gorilla, the official mascot of the Phoenix Suns.

Lopez described his travels to Adam Figman of SLAM last Thursday after returning from Africa.  The summer started with a Lopez family tour of Europe, he told Figman. Lopez described his summer this way to Figman.

"It’s been great. A lot of traveling. I went on a family vacation on a cruise—we started off in Copenhagen, we through Oslo, Norway, then Bergen, Norway, and then Scotland and Dublin, Ireland.

As what a Lopez family cruise is like, Lopez responded, "It’s a good time, you know? You’d think we wouldn’t have that much fun because a lot of the ships below deck are a little shorter, but the ports are a lot of fun. We usually try to get some of our boys on the cruise, too, so it’s always good to see everyone during the offseason."

Lopez of course spent time in Afica last month, travelling with President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton as they toured Clinton Foundation projects in Malawi and Zambia.

"They asked if I wanted to go and it’s not something you say no to," said Lopez, who added that the former President was well aware of the Nets off-season and said "he's going to try and make it out to a game.