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Did Mason Plumlee spill the beans ... or state the obvious?

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Mike King

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones probably made Mason Plumlee's rookie hazing all the more difficult Monday by retelling what the Big Dukie recounted about his decision to go with No. 1 as a jersey number ... not that that wasn't enough to begin with!

As first reported by Beyond the Buzzer...

Mason Plumlee – Brooklyn Nets – 1: "I wanted 5, 5 is what I wore in college. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think [the Nets] are going to retire it [for Jason Kidd]. 21 was what I was going to wear next and then they were said KG might want 21. Then 00 was taken so I went with the next number, number 1. "

So, did Plumlee really tell a tale out of school by revealing the Nets are going to retire Jason Kidd's jersey? Kidd's been gone since 2007 and no one has worn No. 5 since he's left. (Only Vince Carter shares that distinction ... hint, hint.)

Plumlee did not disclose when No. 5 will be retired or under what circumstances? Opening Night at Barclays has been suggested. So has January 24, when the team he helped win a ring in 2011 comes to Barclays.

So we suggest to the veterans on the Nets, have mercy on the Big Dukie. There will be plenty of opportunities to remind him of his musical choices, which he also revealed in another interview.