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Brook Lopez: "Check your egos at the door. We're out there to win"

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Brook Lopez spoke at last week G-Shocked event to a number of reporters, including Angel Diaz, whose interview was published Monday.

if you want more optimism, you came to the right place. Lopez spoke about how excited he is to work Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, how much confidence he has in Jason Kidd.  He used the word, "win," a LOT.

On his foot injury

And we caught it just because of the post-season x-ray. We saw the screw bent in there. We decided that was better to do something now before something real bad happens.

That could've led to something worse?

Something much worse. We needed a week after the season ended to get the most possible time to heal and let myself get back in shape and ready to go.

On his hopes for the coming season

The bottom line is to win. Improve on 49 games. I think we could definitely improve over that. And really just learn from the guys on our team. When you look we have Deron, Joe, Reg [Reggie Evans] and then you look at guys like KG, Andrei Kirilenko, Paul, Jason Terry, just keep going down the list. These are guys I can learn from and help me grow my game, help me grow my team game.

Just talking to Paul just today or hearing these other guys talking, just how focused they are, how excited they are and how set they are. It's all about winning. There are no egos. Check your egos at the door. We're out there to go and win.

On Jason Kidd, head coach

Yeah, it's crazy. It honestly surprised me. I can't lie. Look at the kind of person he is to the Nets franchise. He's the best player the Nets ever had. He was coaching teams, very good teams, on the floor as a player. It's just a matter of him wearing a suit instead of a jersey.

On the championship pedigree of his new teammates

Absolutely. Absolutely. They know how to win. They've done it before, so they bring the experience here.