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Michael Snaer rejects Nets camp invite, signs in Italy

Jamie Squire

Michael Snaer, the 6'5" Florida State shooting guard, has rejected a Nets offer to join their training camp roster and instead has signed with an Italian League team, Enel Brindisi. The signing was officially announced Monday.

Florida sources had reported the invitation and suggested that the undrafted Snaer would begin his professional career with the Nets. However, the Nets currently have a full complement of 15 players and if he was cut in mid to late October, his options would have been limited. He could join the Nets D-League team --and get paid $25,000-- but his overseas options would have shrunk as European and Chinese teams prefer to get their deals done early. Overseas clubs pay considerably more money than the D-League.

In his senior season at FSU, Snaer averaged 14.8 points per game while shooting 42.5 percent from the field. He also averaged 4.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists. He owns the NCAA record for winning shots at the buzzer, with six.

There have been no other reports on the Nets offering training camp invitations. Under league rules, the Nets can bring as many as 20 players --roster and non-roster-- into camp, but must be down to 15 by late October.