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For flipping sakes, be careful there, D-Will!

Deron Williams was having a good time Saturday with a family outing at an indoor recreational site, part of his wife's birthday celebraton. Amy Williams calls it her last birthday in her 20's.

Under the headline, "Some of y'all be clubbin we be flippin," the Williams family showed off, with Dad scaring every Nets fan half to death with a series of back-flips and then one reverse back flip. Please save those for June, sir! We can wait.

D-Will also showed off his Dodge Ball skills, getting ready for his September 19 Dodge Barrage charity even. He used his children and their friends as targets, noting on Instagram, "I don't care if they are little kids gotta crawl before they can walk #noprisoners #imsweating #toomuchfun."