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The case of the wayward website

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Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

We'd like to avoid this story, since it's getting a little worn around the edges but it never seems to go away. We wrote a bit about it in the Off-Season Report, but it's getting a lot of attention again. So, here's a bit more.

Twitter was all a-twitter overnight with tee-hees that someone had "hacked" the Nets website. DIME and Bleacher Report, the latter republished by the L.A. Times, as well as a Boston cable channel gleefully reported that, which they (erroneously) called the Nets' official site, was re-directing traffic to the Celtics official site.

Only problem: is not now nor has ever been a team site. It's always been or was registered in April 2002 by Cyber Mesa, a New Mexico computer networking company. Its current owner (which records show is still Cyber Mesa) reportedly wants the Nets to buy it for a considerable amount of money. The Nets have refused, although the two sides have reportedly talked in the past.

In an apparent attempt to enhance their bargaining position, the owners of the URL have redirected traffic to places like the All-Star ballot and a site that hinted that Mark Cuban owns the site. He doesn't and never has. So they're at it again, apparently, this time taking advantage of the Nets-Celtics trade. It's not a "hack," it's a business dispute.