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LeBron James impressed with Brooklyn Nets moves, championship pedigree

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Larry Busacca

LeBron James in an interview with ESPN's Brian Windhorst says he's impressed with the moves the Nets made this off-season bringing in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry and new coach Jason Kidd.

"They brought three champions to their team and they brought in a championship coach. They're going to be good," James said. "Chemistry is always the issue when you bring new guys to a new team but those guys have sacrificed before so I don't think it'll be a problem for them. I think it's great for the league."

James, who spoke at his annual charity event told Shandel Richardson of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel much the same. He noted that with off-season moves made by Nets, Pacers and with Derrick Rose returning to the Bulls, he can't be complacent.

"I've been back in the gym for a few weeks now, going at it," James said. "I've seen what so many teams have done to get better. I've seen the moves that we've made, so I've got to do my part."

James spoke to Windhorst as well about the state of NBA players union and how he's considering running for president of the association ... which might put him in competition with Jerry Stackhouse who's the union's first vice-president.