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2015 All-Star Game likely to be played in New York ... but which arena gets the GAME

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Tim Bontemps reports that the 2015 All-Star Game "almost certainly will be played in New York," with Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden sharing events ... but the big question is which arena will host the Game and which will host the various other activities leading up to it -- everything from the Celebrity All-Stars to the Slam Dunk contest.

"There is progress in that the teams are working together ... recognizing that it’s in both of their interests to create a basketball festival-type atmosphere around All-Star in New York, and so things are going well," NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver told Bontemps this week.

The preliminary events will be played out on Saturday night and the Game itself Sunday afternoon.

The other issue is where to hold the Jam Session, normally held in a convention center. The venue best suited for it, the Javits Center, a few blocks west of the Garden, is booked the weekend in question, reports Bontemps. "We’re looking to work our way to build other events and to find a different way, a unique way to build Jam Session in New York."