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SBJ Editor: Nets spending assures big second year at Barclays

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Abraham D. Madkour, executive editor of Sports Business Journal, has an admission: he underestimated the Nets' ownership. He writes in this week's edition...

"In my end-of-year NBA awards, I honored the Brooklyn Nets for the league’s biggest turnaround but cautioned about a dip at the gate in year two. I’ll eat those words because what Mikhail Prokhorov has done to spend money around the team is one of the most fun stories in sports."

That second year is always a challenge, arena experts have noted. The bloom is off the rose, so to speak But all that money Prokhorov has commited to spend -- latest estimates are $102 million in salary and $87 million in luxury taxes -- has erased Madkour's concerns about year two.

"Brett Yormark’s sales team has sold $3 million in new full-season tickets and will likely go into next year with a season-ticket base capped at 13,000. So any sense of a dropoff of interest in Brooklyn seems foolish. Meanwhile, competition with the Knicks grows stronger," wrote Madkour.