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Bogdanovic: Nets have "really stepped up", but so has Fenerbahce

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Bojan Bogdanovic - Facebook

In speaking with another European website, Bojan Bogdanovic says the sting of not joining the Nets has been lessened by Fenerbahce's hiring of a virtual European All-Star team, starting with Europe's top coach and two former NBA players, ex-Net Boki Nachbar and recently amnestied Linas Kleiza.

"I wanted to go, but the negotiations are stuck in (buyout) damages. Fenerbahce was looking for me too. But I'm not disappointed that I did not go, I'm not sad."

The 6'8" swingman said as well that he would like to have played under Jason Kidd and he expects Brooklyn to have a big season.

The Nets really have stepped up, led by Kidd, and is sure to shoot up the standings. But I'm not sad I did not go because of Fenerbahce brought in Zeljko Obradovic. With such a top expert, we have stepped up, too, which means that we have big ambitions and we want to win the Euroleague. It's nice to be in Turkey, the NBA has time.

Once Fener refused to relent on the size of Bogdanovic's buyout, the Nets moved on to Plan B, which turned into Andrei Kirilenko and Alan Anderson. The Nets retain Bogdanovic's draft rights and league sources say they remain highly interested in bringing him over.