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Is Jason Kidd facing suspension for DWI?

Southhampton Police

Jason Kidd will be in court next Tuesday, a year after he wrapped his Cadillac SUV around a light pole in the Hamptons, expected to plead guilty to a DWI. Stefan Bondy writes that if he does plead, Kidd is likely to be on the outside looking in on opening night. The record suggests that the NBA will suspend him for two games, as it has with players and one coach, Eric Musselman, in 2007.

Bondy writes...

Former Sacramento coach Eric Musselman, for instance, was suspended for two games in 2007 after pleading no-contest to DUI. Players Jason Richardson and Dorell Wright were recently suspended two games apiece for the same offense.

Assuming the worst, it's likely that Lawrence Frank would fill in for Kidd. Frank lost 16 straight games with the Nets in 2009 before being fired.