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Bojan Bogdanovic: No deal yet with Brooklyn Nets

Bojan Bogdanovic/Facebook

In talking with a Croatian radio station Saturday, Bojan Bogdanovic says chances of him joining the Nets next season are "a little more" than 50-50 and no deal has been finalized, saying talks are "in the early stages." Moreover, he says Fenerbahce, his Turkish club, would like him to return.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Nets beat writers reported Friday night that the Nets and Bogdanovic had reached an agreement paying him $2.5 million next year, the first of the three-year deal. No deal can be finalized until July 10 and the Nets were confident Friday that it will be.

Croatian sports news website Sportnet has the quotes from Bogdanovic who spoke to the Radio Dobre Vibracije (Good Vibrations Radio) from his hometown of Mostar. Here are some of his quotes, as translated:

"It is not true that I signed a three-year deal with the Nets. Chances that I will play for Brooklyn next year are about 50 percent, maybe little more, but the only truth is that negotiations are ongoing and that before Monday or Tuesday I will not know anything more. I hope the agreement will be made before the Croatian National Team training camp begins."

The first meeting of the national team is Monday. Bogdanovic also said Fenerbahce's new coach, the Phil Jackson of Europe, has reached out to him, asking that he stay.

"I spoke to Zeljko Obradovic and he told me he would like me to stay in Fenerbahce, and I would like to work with the winningest European coach. However, until negotiations with the Nets end, I will not know much more," he told Radio Dobre Vibracije.

Asked if he had spoken with Mirza Teletovic, who was also born in Mostar (as was former Net Zoran Planinic), Bogdanovic said, he has not but would if "it all becomes more serious."

"I did not speak with Teletovic cause my negotiations with the Nets are in early stages," Bogdanovic said. "If it all becomes more serious I will definitely speak with him. But that there (the NBA) is all the pinnacle of world basketball, I don't need to ask him much. I hope it will all end soon."

The Nets declined to comment.