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Kevin Garnett with personal fortune of nearly $200 million, reports wealth-tracking site

Nick Laham

Kevin Garnett has made $302,928,663 since entering the league in 2005, according to He's still owed nearly $25 million on his current contract. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the future Net is among the wealthiest NBA players. In fact, Wealth-X, a Singapore-based wealth-tracking company, Garnett is the second wealthiest NBAer, with a fortune it estimates at $190 million, just behind Kobe Bryant who they estimate has $30 million more.

Wealth-X does not provide any details on its methodology, just states the obvious, that longevity in the NBA and high-paying endorsements are critical to the accumulation of wealth. After Garnett, Wealth-X estimates that LeBron James, Tim Duncan and Ray Allen are all worth $100 million or more.