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Fighting MS while fighting for a job with the Nets

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You may recall Chris Wright, the former Georgetown standout who last season was diagnosed with MS --multiple sclerosis-- while playing with Turkish team Olin Edirne. Since then, Wright has been trying to convince teams that his condition is not a career-ender. The Iowa Energy and the Mavericks have given him a shot, but it's been a fight.

Now, he's fighting for a job with Nets, part of Brooklyn's summer league roster, packing up Tyshawn Taylor at the point.

In a profiles in Thursday's Washington Post and Friday's Star-Ledger, Wright talks about what it's been like since March of 2012, when he tried a simple touch-the-baseline-and-turn move. Chelsea Janes of the Post describes what happened next.

Instead of a quick bend and pivot, Wright’s foot gave out and he slipped, though he thought nothing of it initially.Then his right foot went numb. By the time he woke up for early shooting practice the next morning, his whole right leg and right arm were succumbing, so Wright sought medical attention.

Not long thereafter, the devastating diagnosis and the search for a doctor who thought he could continue his other fight, to find his way into an NBA uniform. He found her. Key to the treatment was a highly potent M.S. drug called Tysabri. Since the initial episode, Wright has had no other symptoms.

Wright played last season with the Iowa Energy in the D-League. Wright was named to that All-Star team and earned a 10-day contract with the Dallas Mavericks, the first player with MS in NBA history. He was called up during MS Awareness Week, which he took as a sign.

He is not a charity case. Dave D'Alessandro writes that he has a chance for training camp invite and may make it to the NBA with an improved jumper. He loves that he's playing for his boyhood hero, Jason Kidd.

“I know that just making it to this point is an accomplishment,” he told Dave D. “But I’ve got a lot more to accomplish.”

On Sunday, he will play with the Nets summer league team in Orlando, his chances of making it to the Nets roster limited, but he believes his chances of living a normal life with MS very good.