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Tyshawn Taylor turning heads in Summer League practices?

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets summer league roster has had two practices so far and according to multiple sources, Tyshawn Taylor has been the one turning heads.

As Mason Plumlee told reporters after practice Wednesday, "I thought Tyshawn played very well today. He'll definitely be good." Others agreed.

The second year point guard didn't get much time last season, but has said he welcomes competition for the back-up point guard job.

"I just want to go out here and leave my imprint on the game, leaving a good impression in my new coach's minds and also my teammates."he said, adding, "I love the competition, so I think the summer league is huge for me, just improving myself. It's part of the business, you have to compete, so I'm ready for that."

Jason Kidd, asked what he expected of Taylor, said, "I want to see him in this situation, this setting, being the leader, that's what I'm pushing. I will lean on him heavily. I'm looking for him to put guys in position offensively and defensively."