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Ian Eagle: Jason Kidd hiring "paved the way" for Boston trade

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Eagle spoke Monday with KXL in Portland about the Nets and told Chad Doing that the Nets hiring of Jason Kidd made the trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce possible. Specifically, Eagle said he couldn't see Garnett opting out without Kidd (and Lawrence Frank?)

"The hiring of Kidd paved the way for the Celtics trade. No doubt in my mind," Eagle told Doing. He also said that Kidd will have a positive effect on Deron Williams.

"Deron Williams has come out and said Jason Kidd was his idol growing up. He grew up in the Dallas area and was a huge Kidd fan and Kidd played a big role in his development as a player."

Eagle also said the Nets are serious about their chances in the Eastern Conference and beyond next season.

"If they would have just signed Kirilenko this off season, if that would have been the only addition to this team, I think a lot of NBA pundits would have said ‘Wow, they got better!’…Now you’re talking about Garnett, Pierce, and Terry as an addition – Yes it’s a two-year window, but they’re serious. They’re serious about winning. They’re serious about making a legitimate run at this thing."