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Shaun Livingston happy with Brooklyn Nets expectations and pressure

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"It’s a lot of pressure and expectations," Livingston told his hometown paper about the spotlight on his new team. "I’d rather have it that way. The last couple of years I’ve been with teams that haven’t won as much. Now playing with a team that’s expected to be a contender, I’d rather be in that position."

The 6'7" backup PG was in Peoria to run his annual hoops camp for local kids and spoke with the Peoria Journal-Star.

The Cavaliers wanted him back, he said, and Livingston thought about it. He had his best season (7.2 points per game, 3.6 assists per game) since sustaining his devastating knee injury six years ago

"Cleveland’s at least two years away (from contending) and, being 28, I had to consider that," he told Dave Reynolds. "But the opportunity to play in the playoffs is one you don’t get every year."

Livingston also said the presence of Jason Kidd was a big factor in his decision, and noted a similarity in their careers.

"He’s a future Hall of Famer who lost his athleticism at a certain age like I did," Livingston said. "He had to play off his smarts and reshuffle his game. Wits and smarts is the majority of my game now."