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Kyle Korver re-signs with the Hawks. So, now what for the Nets?


Marc Stein reported tonight that Kyle Korver has signed a 4-year, $24 million contract with the Atlanta Hawks. Meaning, the Nets were not able to convince Korver to sign in Brooklyn for 3 years, $10 million.

So, naturally, the question is: where do the Nets turn now?

As Net Income noted, it appears as if Marco Belinelli is not on the Nets' radar.

Meaning, the Nets will likely turn their sites back to Bojan Bogdanovic and/or maybe to someone like Carlos Delfino or, as reported, a veteran like Matt Barnes.

It will be interesting to see where they go next, but you can hardly blame Korver for getting what is considered his "last big contract" at $14 million more than what the Nets could have offered him.