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For Coach Kidd, a nervous beginning to what he and Nets hope will be long-term relationship

Brooklyn Nets

Jason Kidd admitted to reporters that he was nervous when he stepped out on the court in sweats and armed with whistle and clipboard Wednesday. It was only opening day of the summer league practice, but the 19-year vet knew it was a first nonetheless.

“It’s a little different being called ‘Coach,’ or looked upon as the head coach, that’ll take a little time,” Kidd said after practice at PNY Center. “I think we’ll get there and then be comfortable with that situation. Yeah, I was nervous because I care and I want to put guys in a position to be successful offensively and defensively.”

The Nets made sure Kidd was comfortable. A full compliment of his assistant coaches, led by Lawrence Frank, were on hand ... as well as a lot of press, including TV cameras aplenty. The big news of the day was that Kyle Korver apparently isn't interested in the Nets and the Nets aren't interested in Marco Belinelli, but for Kidd, it was all about practice. He admitted Frank was a big help.

"It's been great. He's a guy I can lean on, ask him any question, he pretty much has all the answers. I'm happy he's on board," Kidd said. "He's been a head coach in this league, he's been an assistant so he understands what it takes to be successful. I'm very lucky to have a special guy like that."

Three Nets roster players for the core of the team: last year's rookies Tyshawn Taylor and Tornike Shengelia, plus newly signed draft pick Mason Plumlee.

“I think summer league is huge for me,” Taylor said, noting he is ready to compete for back-up now that C.J. Watson has gone to Indiana. “Personally, I think him (Kidd) leading me and coaching me is gonna help me out a lot for sure. I think I’m gonna come out here and leave my imprint on the game, leave my imprint on the summer league, leave a good impression on my coaches’ minds and also my teammates.”

Shengelia, who was initially included in the Celtic trade, admitted he was nervous last Thursday. "It was a long night, but you know … I’m good. It turns out this way that I stay and I’m really glad," he told Rod Boone.