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Andray Blatche's busy month of helping out

RuJohn Foundation

Andray Blatche has had a busy July. When he hasn't been working out at the PNY Center, he's been doing a lot of community work ... without much publicity.

Earlier this month, he flew to Pensacola, Florida, to participate in teammate Reggie Evans charity softball game along with NBA players like Rashard Lewis, Peyton Siva and MarShon Brooks as well as other athletes from the Florida Panhandle.

Then, it was on to Jamaica, where he's been a summer fixture, financing and helping run a summer camp, donating money for classroom space and connecting with local kids. He just got back last week.

This weekend, he was in his hometown of Syracuse, where his Andray Blatche Foundation has been particularly active. Last year, the mayor gave him the keys to the city. This year, it was about an over-40 league he supports.

Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York spoke with Blatche and his mother, who runs his foundation, about how he got into the over-40 league.

"They're guys Andray watched play when he was younger, so now he's supporting them to stay fit and healthy," said his mother, Angela. "It's to encourage them to continue playing, and that's going to help with the diabetes. He has an uncle who's a diabetic and my sister passed away of cancer, so he always likes to try to keep the health going. He loves giving back."

Blatche also spoke to Zwerling about the Nets off-season.

"I'm most excited about having a lot of veteran players," he said. "We actually have a great team. I'm excited about having a great season and going to the championship. I really believe that we can make [the Finals]."