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Paul Pierce teaches you 'how to talk Boston,' shouts out

In a new commercial for DISH TV, or cable, or something...but definitely for DISH... Paul Pierce teaches you how to "talk Boston." He teaches you such words as "fibba," "clicka" and "onna conna," which doesn't mean what I initially thought it meant.

Brooklyn fans, don't worry, you have to imagine Pierce will lose his Boston accent soon and pick up a Brooklyn one -- (note to DISH: if you do a Brooklyn version of this commercial, hit me up, I'll let you know where to mail the check) -- with such words as "agita," "gavoon" and "hayadoin."

Oh, and stick around for the end of the video where Pierce gives a little shout out to the Brooklyn Nets...or is it Brooklyn pizza? What do I know, I'm just a knucklehead, a gavoon.