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Kerry Kittles: Brooklyn Nets "smarter" than his New Jersey Nets


The Brooklyn Nets of 2013-14 won't be the New Jersey Nets of 2001-02, says Kerry Kittles who played for the New Jersey team and is rooting for his teammate as coach of the Brooklyn team. The teams he played on were more athletic, this team should be smarter, better at adjusting on the fly.

They’re definitely different. We were more of a speed team, transition, open court, Jason Kidd pushing the ball," Kittles told Mike Mazzeo. The 6'5" Villanova product played with the Nets from 1996 through 2004.

"I think this team is gonna be a smarter team. They have a lot of experience, so they’ll be able to be more tactical in how efficient they are, and they’ll be able to make adjustments quicker on the fly with whatever strategies the coaches decide to implement, so I’m looking forward to how these guys are gonna play."

Kittles, who has acted as an official scout for his old team, thinks Jason Kidd will have a great advantage as a coach.

"Actually having Kevin Garnett there is going to make it easier for him, because Kevin is going to be another coach in the locker room," he told Mazzeo, noting of Kidd, "He’s been around this game for a long time, so he knows what’s going on as far as players and how they think, so I think he’ll be fine."