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Toko Shengelia back in two weeks?

Georgian Basketball Federation

The Georgian Basketball Federation has released a statement by Tornike Shengelia's father saying the Nets forward could return to practice after meniscus surgery in as little as two weeks. The Nets said in their statement Thursday that they would withhold any prognosis until after the surgery, scheduled for Wednesday.

The arthroscopic surgery is needed to repair damage to the meniscus in Shengelia's left knee. He reportedly felt soreness in the knee at the end of the season, which worsened in the summer league, where his performance was subpar.

According to the federation, quoting Kakha Shengelia, " the preliminary estimate is that, Toko is expected to return to training two weeks after the operation." The GBF has begun training for FIBA Eurobasket, which begins September 4. Whether Shengelia will want to chance that is uncertain. Team Georgia has already lost Zaza Pachulia, now of the Bucks, to injury.