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Jay-Z: "My job was done with the Nets"

Barclays Center/Errol Anderson

In an interview on this Life + Times YouTube channel, Jay-Z spoke again about his departure from the Nets. One of the Brooklyn group's original investors had to sell his share in the team to avoid a conflict of interest with his new job, as an agent for professional athletes. His job, he said, was done.

"I think my job was done with the Nets," he told Elliot Wilson. "They got to Brooklyn. I played my part in that, even the look and design and attitude of the Brooklyn Nets."

Jay-Z, who owned less than one percent of the Nets, is credited with coming up with the black-and-white design of the Nets logo and uniform. He also helped design the arena's interior spaces. Jay-Z has said he retains his interest in Barclays Center. He has been a member of the arena board of directors.

In the interview, he said his decision to become a sports agent evolved from conversations he's had with athletes about their finances, noting the high number of professional athletes who got bankrupt not long after the exit the game.