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Mason Plumlee ranked higher than draft position in SB Nation Summer League post

Brooklyn Nets

SB Nation's Mike Prada has ranked the top 61 players in the NBA's two summer leagues -- Orlando and Las Vegas -- and ranks the Nets Mason Plumlee at No. 15, seven places higher than were the was drafted.

Brooklyn's Summer League team was depleted, but that didn't stop Plumlee from providing nice athleticism and finishing ability out of the pick and roll. Summer League amplifies his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses.

Plumlee started out with a bang. After two games, he was shooting 84.6 percent, averaging 16.5 points and 11.5 rebounds. Then, he had two horrible games before rebounding (somewhat) in Game 5, when he scored 23 points (on 23 shots) but grabbed only five boards. After his quick start, the 7-footer shot 31.4 percent. He finished at 13.3 points, 7.0 rebounds and a 45.8 percent shooting percentage.