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Teletovic puts Euro rumors to rest: "Nets are my team and no one else"


Over the last couple of weeks, there've been rumors that Mirza Teletovic was ready to return to Europe, specifically Fenerbahce in Turkey or F.C. Barcelona in Spain, and abandon his NBA dream. League sources in the US denied it. They pointed out that the Bosnian player has no "out" in his contract. Nor had he asked for one. Over the weekend, Teletovic again said what he's been saying for months: despite disappointments last season, he isn't giving up on his "dream."

"Before I went to the NBA, I had offers from European teams, which were financially generous," he told reporters at a Bosnian camp run by US AID. "I followed my dreams and went to the NBA. Last season was the way it is, but I have everything to motivate me and prove to all what I can."

In addition to speculation about his return to Europe, there were rumors about the possibility of him being traded by the Nets. He denied those too. "There is none of that. Nets are my team and no one else," Teletović told Sport Sport Bosnia.