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Are Brooklyn Nets shopping Reggie Evans? Peter Vecsey says it's out there


The Nets now have a formidable front court, with Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett, both All-Stars last February, as well as Andray Blatche, Mirza Teletovic, Mason Plumlee ... and Reggie Evans, the league leader is most rebounding categories.

Is their room for Evans, particularly with the Nets wanting to give Teletovic more minutes and a big role at the PF?

Maybe not. Peter Vecsey tweeted Monday that the Nets may open the Boston Celtic trade to a third team to get a point guard for the 6'8" Evans.

Indeed, league sources report that the Nets were shopping Evans last week. Early in the day, the Nets talked to Minnesota in hopes of bringing back Luke Ridnour, the T-Wolves back-up point. The salaries don't match on that deal. Later, Evans name was mentioned as a trade piece in the Celtic trade. That didn't work either. So unless a third team or maybe another player gets brought in, things may not revived. Also, the Nets may also think Ridnour makes too much money at $4 million.

The Nets can make revisions to the Celtic trade, with Boston's agreement, right up to July 12, when it's expected to be made official..