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NetsDaily poster chosen as first "Brooklyn Chant Member" of the week

Dennis Lin, a Williamsburg resident and a NetsDaily poster since the site went live in 2004, has been chosen the first "Brooklyn Chant Member of the Week," a new team promotion.

A season ticket holder for nine years, Lin is a denizen of Section 223, about mid-court up on the second level. Sponsored by Speck, the promotion will identify a Brooklyn Chanter each week, and list his favorite player (for Lin, it's Brook Lopez); favorite Nets moment ("Opening night vs. Toronto Raptors"); superstitions or traditions on game night ("Fatty Cue Brisket Sandwich!"); Favorite part of being a season ticket holder ("Season ticket holder only special events") and What type of gadgets owned ("Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone5").

Fans can nominate a season ticket holder of the week here.