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Shaun Livingston on his decision to join the Nets: "It wasn't much of a sell"

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Shaun Livingston is in Las Vegas this week taking in some Summer League action but also acting as the Brooklyn Nets' team representative, as the player reps met on Tuesday morning.

Livingston while at the arena hopped on SiriusXM to join "Off the Dribble" for a few moments to talk about his signing with the Nets, what it means to be playing with Deron Williams and for Jason Kidd, and his dealing with past injuries.

One of the great takeaways from this 3-minute interview was Livingston saying that he was honored that Kidd reached out to him, "hand picked" him and it really didn't take "much of a sell" to get him to Brooklyn.

"I was incredibly fortunate to have Jason reach out to me and hand pick me for the spot," he said. "It really wasn't much of a sell.... Having the opportunity to play under him and with Deron, as well, you're talking about one of the best floor generals in the game."

Livingston also said that he is looking forward to the depth of knowledge and experience that Kidd can "feed" him.

As for his history with injuries and the notion of "what could have been," Livingston said that there's no need to dwell on the past. It's not helpful, he says. The best he can do is learn and grow from it to make himself a better pro.