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Filed under: scribes answer the question: Knicks or Nets in the East?

Mike Stobe

The team of writers over at took on one simple, straightforward question: Who wins more playoff games next season: the Knicks or the Nets?

Of the seven writers who took part in this exercise, all of them picked the Nets to win more games in the playoffs. All of them.

Here are the highlights:

Steve Aschburner: "Gotta go with the team that got the heart transplant: the Nets... I think the Nets double New York's postseason victory total, easy."

Fran Blinebury: "The Knicks won their first playoff series in ages, flamed out in the second round, and the response was to trade for the soft Andrea Bargnani, re-sign J.R. Smith and then steal faded Metta World Peace from China or the Arena Football League... It's the Nets by a mile."

Jeff Caplan: "I think - I think - this is a slam dunk... the Nets will win more playoff games."

Scott Howard-Cooper: "The Nets. The Knicks will be interesting, but the Brooklyn has positioned itself better for postseason wins."

John Schuhmann: "Brooklyn, because they will have the better defense."

Sekou Smith: "Both of these teams have the tools to make it to the Eastern Conference semifinals.... The Nets, if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce stay healthy, have a crew built for success in the second season."

Lang Whitaker: "The Nets. The Knicks will win more regular season games, but the Nets strike me as a team built to win in the postseason."

There you have it, 7-for-7. It's certainly worth digging into, if you're a Nets fan, because all seven writers seem optimistic about what the Nets have done in the offseason and what they are capable of doing in the postseason.

Then again, that's a long, long ways away.

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